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EHPodcast FAQ

Post by DevilsThunder on Sun Aug 06, 2017 5:32 pm

Who Is Everything Horror?
The podcast is hosted by Paul Dulski, Tessa Baker and co-assisted by Crystal Lovebello.

When did the Podcast start?
First episode began on February 12th 2017, which is our least favorite episode. It was us getting used to the idea of having a Podcast.

How was Everything Horror brought to life?
Paul was listening to a few podcasts and one day decided to try, Tessa and I discussed what exactly we could talk about so we decided pretty much on "everything" that we could do for Horror. So we chat litterly everything from films, figurines, music and books. While having special guests on the show. It's also become a hobby of ours.

What Is the Rating of Everything Horror?
It's definitely M for Mature, iTunes even says Parental Advisory. We try not to swear, but we can't block out the words sometimes. They just come right out.

Where could I find the Podcast?
You can find the Podcast at the following places.

How many Seasons are there already?
We are currently on Season 3.

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